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by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Apr 23, 2013   ⋅   Menlo Park, CA

Not sure about this one. Didn't remember much from it. It's short, so maybe you can read it through your public library first?

Kawasaki’s book I read long time ago, It’s a nice little booklet, relatively short, relatively packed with content.

So hey – I did what I did with other recommendations of books.

I made up a date in which I want other people think I read it, and after a short break I’m trying to tune jazzy swingy samba sound in the background and recall what did I got from the book.

Honestly – I don’t really remember. It was some standard stuff on starting now, figuring things our quickly, making sure they work, adjusting if they don’t and if they fail, starting over.

Anyway, I just want to tell you: nice, sunny Saturday. Errands done. Air with a really nice flower smell, right after shower, early morning, walking slowly to the Caltrain station I decided to visit Arrillaga’s center Menlo Park library for their amazing bargains on used book and..

My day was destroyed.

There isn’t anything worse than go to a library and by looking at a poster understanding that you’re 30 minutes late for the Guy Kawasaki’s talk about entrepreneurship. Nothing worse.

Ok, almost nothing.

Reading stupid poster, looking at your watch and seeing this Asian guy leaving the library and understanding he’s really similar to the guy preaching about free worldwide flights with a blessing straight from Steve Jobs..

Yes. Exactly.

Or understanding your favorite drummer just gave a clinic for $10 in the city 10 minutes away from you.

Yes. Pretty bad Saturday.

Next point which is very wrong: not a single thing teaches you quick enough thinking. What I should have done was to catch the guy and offer him lunch at Stacks.

Oh well. I’m pretty sure he’ll read it and offer me a lunch at Stacks.

Anyway: worth reading. However it’s like a class on multiple programming languages on your university – it points our things exists, but don’t explain them well. You’ll have to read other books from my list to get a feel on things like “bootstrapping”, branding and positioning.

And do not look at posters in the library if you see the date is past due.

“50 Prosperity Classics”

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