The science of getting rich

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Apr 18, 2013   ⋅   Menlo Park, CA

This is a sketchy book and a sketchy title.

So the beginning reminded me “The 21 immutable laws of marketing”, where they describe that if other areas of science can have their laws, why marketing can’t? Similar to “Think and grow rich”, where the law of success is considered one of the nature’s law. Well, it’s a scam, unless you believe in it, in which case it helps you and brings your confidence up. So basically it’s up to you. Lets say this: regardless if you’re believer or not, if you assume in this heresy is 0.001% true, it’s likely to be helpful.

So how is this book different than other dozen of books that I reviewed after my personal studies on wealth?


Wattles can be pretty darn aggressive. So if you see this book on your child’s desk, first of all you can be somehow proud (not every kid picks books on getting rich by themselves), but on the other hand be warned – I smelled a scent of sect in this book.

And I know, believe me – my mother is an expert in this stuff. And I was born here:

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a free advertisement. It’s a pretty boring and non-attractive city for foreigners, with old monastery being the biggest attraction. Thanks to pilgrimages we’re 2nd mostly visited in Poland. Anyway..

We’re also in undefeated no. 1 in terms of cumulation of sects and if somebody comes to you and ask you whether you’re satisfied from your life, you better say yes. Oh boy, of boy. Will you loose lots of time if you say otherwise.

So Wattles openly attacked beliefs and other “groupings”, and tries to revert people on his path. So…

…yeah. Exactly. You’ve been warned.

Some things are very true. You’ll never get rich doing the work by yourself.

Another thing about this book is that it has psalm-ish feel. Really. Content formulated is in the form of undisputed statements, leaving no space for the reader. Kind of like a lecture of cocky professor.

Anyway: classic. I read it just for the sake of having a feeling of doing my studies in a “complete” way and being able to compare the approaches of all authors of that kind.

But honestly, once again: “Think and grow rich” is more natural. Especially in the form of “rare recordings”. No hints here, but once you’ll find it, you’ll know it’s this thing I mentioned. Additionally, hearing original author’s voice is something that makes me want to concentrate more.

“Land of Lisp”
“The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”

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