Starting Forth

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Oct 7, 2012   ⋅   East Palo Alto, CA

My interest in Forth started from attending Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group meetups at Stanford, and it continued every since. I always appreciate beautiful minimalistic things that can just do one thing very well and do it with minimal resources. And I think this is what Forth is all about. This book is a very gentle introduction into Forth.

One of the technical classics, which I have promised myself to read.

This book is about concepts of Forth programming and underlying stack machines.

If you have ever wondered how early chips could still achieve speed and perform complex tasks with extremely tight memory limits, this book is for you.

Also, this book serves like a nice introduction to the stack concepts. If you’ve ever wondered how PUSH, POP and couple of others can get glued together to serve useful functions, you’ll find it here.

“Innovate like Edison”
“Beautiful evindence”

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